PVC Strips Range

Our PVC Strip products are produced from polyvinyl chloride raw material which is flexible in 20cm, 30cm and 40cm widths used in pvc curtain applications, transparent for general applications and in various colors and features for special application areas.

General Features Of; All Saran; Pvc Strip Products;

Resistance to Fire;

For the highest level of operational safety, all of our products have the “Flame Execution” feature. This provides a full range of workplace safety. Our pvc strips, which are exposed to any kind of flame, extinguish independently of the flame source. This shows the quality of our products against fire hazard.

Resistance to Sunlight;

The general use of PVC strips is exterior doors, and most exterior doors are exposed to direct sunlight. All our products are suitable for use in direct sunlight and contain chemicals that protect against ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Food Compliance;

It is a sought-after feature if products used in food production areas have direct contact with foods. All our pvc strip products are produced using only the highest quality raw materials. Suitable for use in food facilities.

Work and Worker Safety;

Today, occupational safety has become very important. Measures to be taken against fatal or injured accidents as a result of occupational accidents should be the first priority for both employers and employees. Where PVC Strips are used, transparency of pvc strips is very important, especially if there is a vehicle passage. If the vehicle is to be used in a door with passage, if not a very special area, our recommendation will be transparent pvc strips. In this way, it can be easily noticed by the operator whether there is an employee behind the pvc strip curtain at the time of vehicle passing.

Usage of PVC Strips;

The PVC strips used in PVC Curtain applications should be renewed when wear or worn at the end of a certain period of use. Our suggestion in this renovation process is only the renewal of old pvc strips. If you have an existing PVC curtain and want to renew the old strips, you can use our pvc strip products in rolls. If you are going to make pvc curtains for the first time, it will be a bit difficult to use pvc strips in rolls. Instead, we recommend our “PVC Strip Curtain” product with complete hanging system, without wasting and ready for installation.