PVC Strip Curtains

What is Pvc Strip Curtain and where it is used?

PVC strip curtains, which are used for isolation purposes at the entrances and exits of areas such as factories and warehouses for many years, is a special curtain system formed by forming a flexible and heat-formable plastic type into strips.

SARAN uses 100, 200, 300, and 400mm PVC strip products as standard in PVC Strip Curtain Production. These pvc strips have different thicknesses according to the area of ​​use and purpose of use. Generally we use pvc strips 2mm, 3mm and 4mm thickness.

PVC Strip Curtains are very wide. General usage areas can be listed as follows; Warehouse and factory doors, food facility exterior and interior doors, logistics facilities loading-unloading areas, cold and frozen storage rooms doors, refectory and dishwasher doors, data centers, grocery and butcher doors, on conveyor belt, welding areas, crane transition places, When the PVC strip curtain is used in refrigerated vehicles, it provides a high insulation against noise, dust, fly, hot-cold weather, light, sun, smell and flying pests.

When the PVC strip curtain is used for heat insulation purposes, it significantly reduces the heating and cooling costs of the enterprises especially in summer and winter months. And it helps to keep the indoor temperature at the desired level. PVC strip curtains are very useful in this area because of their low thermal conductivity.

In addition, pvc strip curtain is the most ideal solution against birds entering the doors, which have become a big problem in logistics facilities such as large warehouses and warehouses. It prevents birds from passing through the gate freely.

Particularly in the metalworking sector, when “Welding PVC Curtain” is used in welding areas, the sections are isolated from each other and also protects against welding rays and splash burrs.

Hygienic and clean environment is obtained by using PVC strip curtain in food facilities. It is the best way to protect against fly, dust and flying insects, which is the fearful dream of food companies.

The areas listed here do not limit the use of our products. Our products are used in many different areas. If you have a specific purpose, you can ask for technical support from us.

As an alternative to fixed PVC strip curtain in the places where fokflift and pallet trucks pass, Folding and Sliding ”PVC strip curtains are produced by our company.