The essential accessories for PVC Strip Curtains are metal hanger systems. Perhaps the most important detail of the PVC Strip Curtain is in the design of the hanger system. Our company, which is a manufacturer of PVC Strip Curtain, attaches special importance to the production of metal hanger systems and continues the R & D studies necessary for continuous product development.

Ribbon curtains have a wide range of suspension systems and each country and every manufacturer has a unique approach and design.

In the design adopted and developed in Saran products, for all strip types, the overlap of each strip on the other strip is at least 5cm. (Some businesses that sell only price-oriented products do 3cm. The rationale here is to reduce costs by using lesser strips of a certain size.)

In coiling hanger systems, the riding allowances are produced as 5 + 5cm - 10 + 10cm - 15 + 15cm or up to 20 + 20cm. There is a reason why we give these values ​​especially in “cm”. Unfortunately, in our country, we chose this way because of the businesses that consciously or unconsciously gave the customer wrong technical information. The general approach in the market is to give a percentage (%) for riding shares. Here is the situation that deceives the customer, many times in the details, the seller gave 66% in the bid, but in return, the number of lanes 5 + 5cm riding share corresponds. This represents a technically impossible situation.

For example, if a single lane of 30cm is calculated with a riding allowance of 66%, it should overlap the other lane by cm 10cm.. If% 5cm ”rides in cm, even though 66% is written, there is a confusion or a more accurate deception.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, we ask our customers to pay special attention to these details when buying products and getting quotes in order to avoid being a victim.

Recently, some “teams altı, which are referred to as merdiven under the stairs satış, give prices to the customer as if they were metal hanger systems and send only PVC strips at the time of order. In order to avoid such an annoying situation, please visit the office, warehouse and workshop, if any, to see if the place you ordered is really a manufacturer.

We can examine our pvc strip curtain hanger systems under two main groups as fixed and movable.

In fixed system pvc strip curtains, the strips are delivered between two metal plates and fixed.

In fixed-pass system pvc strip curtains, you can insert and remove each strip one by one, ease of assembly, easy replacement of old strips, easy stripping and storing of strips when required seasonally and then hanging again.

Our wrapping moving PVC strip curtains have two different alternatives which are sliding and gathering sideways.