PVC Partitions, in industrial plants, allows the creation of independent spaces by dividing the internal environment into sections. Pvc Strip Pvc partition is used where it is not appropriate to use curtains. 130-140cm wide and 0.7-0.8mm thick pvc films produced by using our PVC partitions have many uses. We produce PVC partitions in fixed and movable structure upon request.
PVC Partitions are mostly used in car wash, paint shop, textile workshops and smoking areas. When used in paint shops, air, dust, flies and so on. prevents the passage of smooth paint allows.
It enables you to control the particles coming out of the products and going to the unwanted parts in the textile workshops.
It is used to isolate smoking areas.
We produce pvc partitions in any size. If desired, it is produced as completely transparent, fully colored or colored parts of upper and lower parts are transparent.
All PVC films used in PVC partitions are fire resistant and non-flammable.
In the middle of the pvc partitions we have made for large areas, the doors can be opened for personnel passage.
You can easily divide your business into sections with our pvc partitions which are opened and closed structure by sliding easily on the rail.
If you want to get manufacturer support for your PVC Partition needs, we will be glad to help you.