PVC Strip Curtain Systems

As a result of our years of experience in PVC strip curtain applications, this system, which we have developed with our own R & D ship and produced in our own workshop, has many advantages compared to the fixed PVC strip curtain system generally used in the market.

First of all, the most important feature of the Saran Pluggable Hook Hanger System PVC Strip Curtain is that it is very practical to assemble and can be done quickly.

Strips that wear out and need to be replaced during use can be replaced very easily.

The base of the system is the suspension rail. Our hanger rails are produced by bending the hook-like protrusions on the press brake at certain angles. On the pvc strips that are sized to the desired size, the latch retaining latches with slits are mounted on the hooks on the hanger rail. Thus, the hanging rail is easily mounted on the door in the place where the assembly will be made and then the pvc strips are hanged on the rail by hand one by one and the installation is completed.

In Pluggable Hook Hanger System PVC Strip Curtains, the riding allowances can be 5 + 5cm, 10 + 10cm, 15 + 15cm and 20 + 20cm depending on the width of the strip. Instead of giving these expressions as a percentage, we prefer to specify them in cm, thus eliminating confusion.

Our hanging systems are manufactured from galvanized sheet or 304 quality stainless steel depending on the place of use.

Production Dimensions

  • It is produced by our company in the desired dimensions.
  • There is no limitation in our special production dimensions.
  • 50 x 50cm (h) up to 50mt x 900cm (h) up to the desired dimensions are manufactured by our company.
  • Dimensions of PVC strip used:
  • 200x2mm - 200x3mm (Width x Thickness)
  • 300x2mm - 300x3mm - 300x4mm (Width x Thickness)
  • 400x3mm - 400x4mm (Width x Thickness)
  • PVC Strips Overlapping:
  • It can be produced as 5 + 5cm - 10 + 10cm - 15 + 15cm and 20 + 20cm.

Technicial Specifications

  • Provides heat insulation.
  • Provides noise isolation.
  • Provides dust and garbage insulation.
  • It has high UV resistance.
  • Fireproof, flame retardant.
  • High light transmission rate (about 80-85%)
  • Flexibility; pvc strips High flexibility.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Hanger Rails Galvanized Sheet or 304 Quality Stainless Steel

Intended Use

  • Temperature Control; It contributes to the reduction of heating and cooling costs due to seasonal temperature differences.
  • Noise Control; It is used to isolate the noisy working machines and equipment in the factory areas and to control the noise.
  • Dust and Dirt Control; It limits the entrance of dust and polluted air into the facility and provides a more hygienic interior environment.
  • Bird Control; Prevents the discomfort and pollution caused by birds entering the facility.
  • Fly and Pest Control: It prevents any kind of flying pest and fly from passing through the doors into the facility.
  • Thanks to all these factors, the use of PVC strip curtains on the doors ensures that the interior environment is hygienic and clean.

Usage Areas

  • It can be used in warehouse and factory doors, food facility interior and exterior doors, logistics facility loading and unloading areas, personnel doors, kitchen, dishwasher and paint shop doors.
  • It is used in textile workshops to divide and isolate work areas.
  • When used in interior doors, the need to keep the doors closed continuously eliminates and provides ease of passage.
  • Especially in food facilities, we recommend the use of pvc strip curtain system to ensure the hygienic environment.
  • In many areas, the existing door can be completely dismantled and the solution can be provided only with PVC strip curtain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Birds enter our warehouse door, pvc strip curtain would be the solution?
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