Due to its special structure, static electricity does not occur on the surface. Static electricity can occur when people and objects pass through standard PVC strips. SARAN Antistatic pvc strip product contains special chemical compounds in pvc raw material in order to eliminate this occurrence. SARAN Antistatic PVC strips are manufactured to have a surface resistant to static electricity. It prevents static discharge by dispersing the static electricity on its surface.

All SARAN PVC strip products comply with European REACH standards.

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Production Dimensions

  • 200x2mm (Width x Thickness)
  • 300x3mm (Width x Thickness)
  • It can be delivered in the desired quantity in a roll of 50mt.

Technicial Specifications

  • It contains antibacterial agent in raw material.
  • It has high UV resistance.
  • Fireproof, flame retardant.
  • High light transmission rate (about 80-85%)
  • Flexibility; pvc strips High flexibility.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Provides heat insulation.
  • Provides noise isolation.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Bluish transparent structure and clear back.
  • It is blue in color when viewed from the cross section.
  • PVC Heat Resistance Values; +90 / -10 ° C

Intended Use

  • External and internal doors as PVC strip curtain.
  • In the renovation of existing Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtains.
  • It can be used in other applications that can be made with PVC strips.

Usage Areas

  • Saran Anti-static pvc strips are used in a wide variety of applications with special anti-static requirements:
  • It is used in data centers, clean rooms, web server curtain systems and areas where static electricity loads are not desired.
  • Data Center PVC Curtain Applications:
  • It improves energy efficiency in data centers and contributes to achieving the desired temperature values ​​stably. Up to 70% energy savings can be achieved in air-conditioned environments. Furthermore, it prevents overheating of server devices where critical information is stored and reduces the risk of crashes, crashes and failures in the long term due to excessive heat changes.
  • Cleanroom PVC Curtain Applications:
  • It protects the cleanroom areas from dust and dirt and prevents the formation of static electricity. Clean rooms can be divided into multiple insulated areas.
  • You can also contact SARAN PVC Curtain sales and technical support for product samples and technical support for special applications.
  • Usage Temperature; +60 / -5 ° C.

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