In cases where the sliding system cannot be used, “Saran Foldign Accordion PVC Strip Curtains” is an alternative solution. We recommend this special product when the pvc strip curtain is requested to be collected to the right or left or half to the right and half to the left. As you can see in the application video, it is very easy to open and close the pvc strip curtain by means of its special mechanism. The advantage of the this system is that the forklift or vehicles passing through it during heavy loading and unloading operations are prevented from damaging the PVC strips. The system is turned on at the time of shipment, and is closed again when the shipment is completed.


Production Dimensions

  • We can produce any size between;
  • 100x200cm - 200x300cm
  • 300x400cm - 400x500cm
  • 500x500cm - 600x600cm
  • It is produced by our company in the desired dimensions.
  • PVC Strip Size Used in Our Production:

  • 200x2mm - 200x3mm (Width x Thickness)
  • 300x2mm - 300x3mm - 300x4mm (Width x Thickness)
  • 400x3mm - 400x4mm (Width x Thickness)
  • Overlapping the PVC Strips:

  • 5+5cm – 10+10cm – 15+15cm ve 20+20cm

Technicial Specifications

  • Provides heat insulation.
  • Provides noise isolation.
  • Provides dust and garbage insulation.
  • It has high UV resistance.
  • Fireproof, flame retardant.
  • High light transmission rate (about 80-85%)
  • Flexibility; pvc strips High flexibility.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Hanger Rails Galvanized steel

Intended Use

  • When used in exterior doors, it provides heat, dust, odor, flying pest and noise isolation.
  • In many areas, the existing door can be completely disassembled and only fixed pvc strip curtain can be provided.
  • It provides good alternative protection against birds entering the facility through large exterior doors.
  • It can be used to divide the internal environment to obtain more than one area.

Usage Areas

  • It can be used in warehouse and factory doors, food facility interior and exterior doors, logistics facility loading and unloading areas, personnel doors, kitchen, dishwasher and paint shop doors.
  • When used in interior doors, the need to keep the doors closed continuously eliminates and provides ease of passage.
  • Especially in food facilities, we recommend the use of pvc strip curtain system to ensure the hygienic environment.

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