Our company, which is the leader in the production and application of industrial door and partition insulation, produces rational and high quality solutions to the demands of every sector.

Under the conditions of our country, due to the lack of necessary controls and inspections, everyone is able to do everything.

Isolation is an area that requires special knowledge and training.

Our company is the leading manufacturer and implementer of pvc strip curtains in our country to prevent important formations such as dust, noise, heat loss and specializes in this field.

Our special solutions include isolating production areas, shielding production lines and machines in factories, isolation of cabins located in data centers of telecom, internet and banking sectors, and making antistatic partitions in clean room applications that are very important for the pharmaceutical industries and electronic industries.

In these solutions, we have thousands of delivered projects that we have produced so far and which we directly implement.

Our priority is not to get business and make money, but to produce solutions.