How to take PVC strip curtain size?


You want to have pvc strip curtain on the door of your workplace but you don't know what to do?

You must start by first taking the door size. Simply measure the width and height of your door with a tape measure.

When taking the size of the door from left to right "Width" or "Width", the bottom-up measure "Height" or "Length" is very important to specify.

We can illustrate the importance of conveying these measures without mixing them; For example, if your door width is 200cm and height is 300cm, if you write this width as 300cm and height 200cm, pvc strip curtain will not fit into place when you arrive.

PVC Ribbon Curtains, custom made are produced. Unfortunately, refunds and exchanges are not made in such cases.

If you have any doubts about door size, please contact us.